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Red Back book recording session.jpeg
Photograph of Gunther Schuller conducting the NEC Ragtime Ensemble in a recording session in Jordan Hall for the "Red Back Book" album. This album earned the ensemble a Grammy Award in 1973.

Ragtime Ensemble, 1976.jpeg
A photograph from New England Conservatory Notes, v. 3 no.3 (June/July 1976), p. 7. The image shows the NEC Ragtime Ensemble, under the direction of Gunther Schuller performing in Anchorage, Alaska on June 20, 1976.

Ragtime Ensemble, 1975.jpeg
A photograph of the NEC Ragtime Ensemble, conducted by Gunther Schuller, performing at the Boston Bicentennial celebration, April 19, 1975

Ragtime Ensemble, 1974.jpeg
A photo of the NEC Ragtime Ensemble from Notes magazine, v. 1 no. 2 (April 1974)

Profiles, Spring 2000 Festival.jpeg
Program from New England Conservatory's annual Spring Festival, 2000, The theme was Musical Boston in the 1990s. The festival featured music by Harbison, Kirchner, Pinkham and Schuller. The works by Schuller included: Saxophone sonata, Sonata…

Photograph of Gunther Schuller conducting the New England Conservatory Symphony Orchestra at the 1972 Commencement Jordan Hall

Color image of Gunther Schuller rehearsing the NEC Jazz Orchestra

Gunther Schuller rehearsing with the NEC Jazz Orchestra. Ken Schaphorst and Ran Blake are looking on.

NEC Ensembles European tour.jpeg
In the Fall of 1974, Gunther Schuller led the NEC Orchestra, Chorus and Ragtime Ensemble on a widely acclaimed European tour which included performances at festivals in Switzerland and France, as well as appearances by the Ragtime Ensemble in the…
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